More traffic & customers

You now how important it is to have a website that targets your audience? And how important it is for your website to load quickly and be user-friendly, meaning your users can navigate your site with speed and ease?


What I do is identify what your website needs to perform better for people and search engines. Simple, effective design and functions will point your audience to the right place so that you can close the sale or whatever action you want them to take.



For only $25 I will spend a minimum of one hour going over your blog to find ways of improving it. I will then send you a PDF report highlighting the problem areas and what you can do to fix them.


This is a very economical way to improve your site, and you’ll normally receive your report within 24 hours of payment. Sounds interesting?


Send me an e-mail at and give me your site address and I will get started.


Your blog/website will need optimizing if it’s not getting the traffic it should be. There are many reasons why a site doesn’t perform well, reasons could be:

  • Poor quality WordPress theme

  • Too many plugins

  • Badly coded theme and/or plugins

  • No/poor optimization of pages or posts

  • A slow site (people & Google don’t like slow sites)

  • Not mobile-friendly

  • A Google penalty

  • Low quality content

  • Others

Basically, this service finds solutions specific to your site which I will fix.

As each site is different in terms of problems and solutions, I can’t offer a fixed price for this service. However, my promise to you is that you’ll get the right price.

Send me an e-mail at and give me your site address and I will get started.

New website / blog

Do you like this website? Do you want one like it, or one customized just for you?


Let me start a blog/website for you the right way. You could go with a free service, free theme and no experience and your freebie might just get some traffic. But if you want to have a chance of building a very successful site, it needs to be done properly by people with years of blogging and site-building experience.

Send me an e-mail at and give me a brief overview of what you are looking for and I will get back to you with a draft in 24 hours.

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