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Things to check Before Accepting Guest Posts on Your Blog

Higher Ranking and good exposure is the dream of each & every blogger . Rankings & Exposure not only will increase your blog income but these things also increase your online reputation. But nowadays the blogsophere is very crowded and it is not that easy to make yourself a well known and estabilished blogger.

The most easiest way to increase the popularity of your blog is to keep your blog updated frequently with unique fresh worthy and optimized content. But the problem is that most of the peoples do not find enough time to focus on their blog and keep their blog updated with fresh content.

Time is the real problem in blogging as most of the bloggers are not completely dedicated to blogging because most of them are students or employees and have a lot of work to do all day.

The best way to keep your blog updated is by guest bloggers that will do posting on your blog for sake of a do-follow backlink. But when you provide do-follow backlink to a blog then you have to look after the blog because if you are giving do-follow backlinks to blogs which are penalized by google then google may take actions against your blog in future. So you now have understanded the importance of guest posting today i will be telling you some of the things that you should check before accepting guest posts on your blog.

1.Check For Plagiarism The first thing you should do while accepting guest post on your blog is check that it is completely genuine. Google treat Plagiarised content very rudelessly. Google has a lot of alogorithams like panda penguin and hummingbird which really punishes blogs with plagiarised content. So you may not be wanting to get your blog affected with these updates. So you should check out that the post is completely genuine and is written for your blog. PlagTracker is a good tool to check the guest post for plagirisam. There are more free and premium tools that can help you to check the content for plagirisam in guest post.

2. Niche Factor The guest post must be suitable to the niche of your blog. Your blog audience wants to recieve information on a single niche or some multi niches. Anything other than that may piss your readers off and trust me or not all of your readers quickly or lately will start to avoid your blog. So you might check out the post that it suitable to your blog niche.

3.Guest Posting guidelines You might have an page on your blog for describing all the guidelines for your guest authors that they should follow before submitting posts on your blog. This page tells everything about your requirements that which type of posts are accepted on your blog and which are not. But most of the bloggers that are doing guest posting just for the sake of a do follow backlinks might not care about your guidelines. So it is must that you check out that all of your guidelines are strictly followed by the guest author.

4. Check it for Grammatical Errors Most of the guest authors write guest posts very roughly and the thing is that we are humans and we can make mistake you we should check guest posts for Grammatical Errors. In order to check guest posts for Grammatical Errors you can use Grammarly and also if you are blogging from wordpress then you can also use After the deadline plugin. If you find mistakes in the posts you can ask the guest author to correct the mistakes or you may correct them yourself.

5. Check the authors blog Many of you might not agree to this point but you should check out the authors blog before you hit the publish button for the guest post. May be the guest author has written a genuine post on your blog but the guest author may be a paid writer by any spam blog owner to write content or he may belong to a spam blog and want a backlink to his spam blog. So in this case you should not publish the guest post because in google views if you are linking to a spam website with do-follow link then your blog may be spam also.


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