• PerOla Hammar

How One Facebook Comment Can Ruin A Business

I came across a review made by a lady who recently ate at a pub/restaurant called the Dog and Duck. Here is what was said:

This was posted on a Sunday evening. At the time this review was posted the Dog and Duck had 315 reviews with a rating score of around 3.8 out of 5. Within 15 hours their Facebook page received a further 1000+ reviews, dropping their rating down to 1.2 out of 5 stars, with 99% of these reviews just off the backend of the above Facebook comment.

Many of these reviews would have been from people who were not at the restaurant at the time the above-mentioned occurrence happened, or even ate at the restaurant recently or even at all. This business has simply lost any form or credit just from the disgust of people on Facebook on how a certain family was treated on their night out.

Below you can see only a handful of reviews off the above comment.

Bad News Spreads Fast

Before Facebook was widely used by billions of people across the planet, having a bad review was either published in the local paper or spread around by word of mouth. This used to take weeks, or even months to get around enough people to cause concern to the business. Today, with Facebook, the Dog and Duck in Shardlow has lost all credibility with locals in Derby off one Facebook post within a matter of hours, and quite rightly to.

Damage Control

It looks like the Dog and Duck has a very long road ahead of them to win back the trust of the Derby people. The brewery of the pub, Marstons, have posted on their Facebook site, along with a 5 star review of themselves to increase the star rating, that the head office is looking to contact the family to issue a full apology.

If the Dog and Duck want any form of positive reputation then a lot more is required than a simple apology to the family. Since the comment was started on the Internet, their best chance to regain some reputation is through the web with local SEO work on their Facebook page and the Dog and Duck website to get across how sorry they really are and what steps they are taking to resolve the problem.

This is not a time for them to bury their heads in the sand or hope this will blow over because it won’t. The business is going to have to make a huge loss in marketing costs and restaurant costs. In my opinion, the family involved should be offered free food at the Dog and Duck for life, along with a full apology from the staff members involved (if they haven’t been sacked) and from the Directors of Marstons themselves.


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